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It’s a busy, noisy, bright world. For some, going out is hard.

The unrelenting hum of harsh, fluorescent lights. Aisles crowded with people jostling your cart. Startling announcements blaring over loudspeakers. For some, these common shopping experiences are extremely stressful, debilitating or even painful.


They have what is known as sensory processing disorder, a neurological condition that can cause people to be either over- or under-responsive to different internal and external sensory stimuli, as well as experience other sensory processing differences that can lead to challenges with language, coordination, movement or intellectual milestones.


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Nicole in the Media


‘I was lying in bed, feeling extreme anxiety about a noise I heard, when it hit me like a ton of bricks. ‘I HAVE IT, TOO.’

Love What Matters

I’m 36, married, and a mom of 3. I’m also an author, illustrator, and corporate educator. On the surface, I live a pretty normal life. I don’t have any apparent disabilities or special needs, and I function as a person who is able-bodied and healthy. There’s just one thing: a hidden disorder that can sometimes feel crippling.

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